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Mobile Phlebotomy

Introducing Phlebotomist On Call, #thebloodline, LLC – Your Premier Choice for Mobile Healthcare Services.

🩸 **About Us:**

Phlebotomist On Call, #thebloodline, LLC, stands as a distinguished minority-owned mobile healthcare company, proudly rooted in Maryland. Established with your convenience in mind, we redefine healthcare accessibility, bringing the expertise of our professional and dedicated Phlebotomy team directly to your doorstep.

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Phlebotomist On Call #thebloodline, LLC. Established in 1998, 2023 our company has evolved to meet the evolving healthcare needs in our communities.

We offer residential phlebotomy and commercial staffing services for medical facilities, labs, and research organizations. 

Our certified team of professionals, skilled Phlebotomist, Lab Technician, Ekg Technician, Home-Dialysis Assistant, and Medical Assistants. Contact us for prompt, professi... Learn more

Temporary Staffing Solutions

POC #thebloodline, provides reliable temporary healthcare staff. Whether short-term or for extended tim, we have qualified staff to meet your needs. Find relief from staffing challenges with our flexible scheduling solution. 

Staffing available for Residential and Commercial Clients.


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